About us

The Society for Child Development (SFCD) started in 1992 to address the issue of quality education and life skill training for children and young adults with Intellectual Disability.

When the students of SFCD a.k.a Prabhat special school grew into young adults, the need to create a economically viable vocational facility became evident.

With a vision to create a self sustainable employment unit, which was not donor driven, and with no examples to model upon, the following strategy was developed:

  1. To start a training facility with a manufacturing endpoint that utilized the strengths of this group.
    • Ability to learn and carry out simple repetitive tasks
    • Regular attendance (their parents were keen they left the house to enable them – the parents – to carry out their own economic activities)
    • Deep conditioning in obedience
    • Eager to please
  2. To create products that utilized basic manufacturing processes that were endemic to the region
  3. To source raw material that was low-cost, widely available and easy to procure
  4. To create a product line that had a unique quality
  5. To use master trainers who were easily available.

The challenges were many, with the lack of financial resources topping the list. Given the fact that persons with intellectual disabilities are very slow to learn, it was estimated that procurement of raw material without any output would not be a sustainable practice. Naturally the choice was material that could be donated regularly, such as unused and unusable items from households, offices and manufacturing units to fabricate handcrafted items for personal, household and office use.

The rest followed- videotapes and audiotapes began looking like boxes of yarn, waste flowers created visions of glorious colors, waste fabric yielded yards and yards of patchwork and everything else went into the melting pot of paper.

This program was titled the Trash-to-Cash Employment Program.To get a better understanding of what we do at Trash to Cash, visit our people and product section of the website.

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The Avacayam program, emerged from our Trash to Cash unit. Click here to go to our section dedicated to Avacayam. While working on different ideas at Trash to Crash, we felt the need to scale up our ideas giving birth to Remake Technologies Foundation.

Remake Technologies Foundation works on making machines, processes and work in general, accessible to people with disability. We have redesigned looms, processes and in future, will undertake research and development to make technology accessible and our programs scalable.