The Avacayam program (-verb: gathering flowers; origin: Sanskrit) is an income generating platform for persons with disability and a movement of environment conservation. The program collects used flowers from bulk users like temples and hotels and converts it to consumer products that are deeply embedded in our culture like Holi color, Rangoli and Agarbattis, employing people with disability along the entire supply chain.

After several years of honing the program and with generous support from the Nippon Foundation, in 2014, Avacayam started spreading its wings to other parts of the country.

With a clear objective of empowering other NGOs to address the issue of employment, Avacayam works with people with disability and HIV infected/affected women, two groups who we believe are amongst the most vulnerable.

Are you an NGO that works with these vulnerable groups? Read about our training program and how you can work with us.