Our Operations


—————————————————————   CENTRAL HUB   ——————————————————————-

Situated in Old Delhi, the Central hub is the original location where this innovative model of inclusive work in Creative recycling all began.

The Design Lab staffed with artists with hearing impairments co-create the final product after a series of rapid prototypes. The final product is field tested by the Marketing team.

The Marketing team reaches out to all through pop-up stalls at fairs and orders from corporates and academic institutions.


————————————————————-   SATELLITES   —————————————————————-

Varanasi, one of the ancient cities of the world, is home to temples and master weavers. Our Satellite Women with disability and mothers of children with severe disability are skilled in creative recycling of reclaimed flowers from temples and surplus threads and fabric from weavers to be repurposed into yarns, fabric and accessories.

Women work from home!


————————————————————–   PARTNERS   ——————————————————————

Abandoned women with disability from shelter homes in Dehradun and Suryapur are skilled in creative recycling.  All skill training is linked to income generation!