The Trash-to-Cash unit has a group of 36 adults with intellectual disability who create the basics – fabric, sheets of paper, dried petals for Holi and Rangoli colour and so on.
A production team comprising 59 people who are hearing impaired, visually impaired or physically challenged take over to make the final product – bags, coasters, folders, and conference items. Women with disability form the core of this section. Most of them have some basic skill in tailoring, and are honed on-the-job. The group is inclusive with 25% “able” but educationally and economically deprived persons. 


Neelam: “I am hearing impaired and so find it difficult to mix with people. Here, not only do I earn for my family but also enjoy with a large group. All my co-workers have learnt sign language.”

Sabarjeet: “My polio impaired leg gives me pain and trouble sometimes. I am allowed flexi-working hours. During the tea and lunch breaks, our whole group has a fun time relaxing and sharing our food.”

Soni, Master Trainer: “ I have always believed that my visual impairment is not a deterrent to my capacity. For the first time, I am in a situation where others believe it too. I am a trainer of other people like me and help them see hope too!”

Kirti: “This is my first job! I have grown from being an assistant to a Program Coordinator. Now, my family too feels that I am not a burden and have started relying on me at home.” 

Vipin, Paper Weaver: “Having low-vision and being 100% deaf meant that I could only stay at home. Today I travel on my own, work a full day and support my new family.”

Nan Babu, Production Manager: “I come from a small village In Uttar Pradesh and never imagined that one day I would be a Production Manager with a team of 43 persons. Every day I learn something new, but my greatest learning and eye-opener has been that people with  disability can be equal members of a team.”

Rozina, Business Development Manager: “It’s been three years since I joined as a nervous raw youngster. Today I stand tall, and very confident of what I can do.”