Inclusive Design

Avacayam: The flower story

—————————————————- Our Philosophy of Inclusive Design  ——————————————————

We include all …. people and planet …. to design products that are handcrafted by persons with disability (who form a major part of our inclusive workforce) for customers who care about the future of our planet. After all, the beauty of a product increases when it is made with hope and happiness. Our designs celebrate life!

But, that is not all! Our processes, materials and creatively recycled products actually make the world a better place as we walk with determination towards the goal of Carbon neutrality. “By- products” are our raw material!

As soon as the By- Products, are identified or sourced, the deconstruction process begins. Each element is sanitized, so what reaches our people, whether our artisans or our customers, is as good as new.

We do not stop at this …. and continuously reach out to people with disability from other regions to involve them in this quest for inclusivity. We work towards creating a cadre of handcrafting crusaders with our unique workforce. We advance, step by step, into a better and more sustainable future with our artisans.

We work with groups in Varanasi, Uttarakhand and West Bengal.